Livestock Judging: A Job that’s Here to Stay

The livestock judge is usually the most beloved – or the most hated – person at the show. However, livestock shows and livestock judging will continue to prosper through the years as many exhibitors agree…there’s just something about the thrill of competition. The true professional livestock judge will always maintain the core skills of providing fair evaluations of livestock through their knowledge, honesty, good communication skills, and advocacy for the industry. In doing so, they most often become the role models and leaders whose reputations endear them to livestock show enthusiasts throughout the decades.

Hawkins is reminded of a bit of advice he received from the late Joe Lewis of Alfalfa Lawn Farms from Kansas, a beloved livestock judge. “On one occasion, I judged a show in which Joe exhibited but did not receive many awards,” Hawkins recalls. “At the completion of the show, Joe walked up to me and said ‘Well, Dave. It was good to get your opinion!’ I think that is good advice for anyone who judges shows. Do your best, but remember, it is only your opinion on that day.”

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