Judging - After the Show

A judge’s behavior after the show is just as important as his behavior and performance during the show.  When the show is completed, judges should finalize any paperwork or necessary details needed by the show officials.

“Judges should stick around the show for a few moments to talk to any exhibitor that wishes to approach them,” says Ward. The judge should then promptly move to the backdrop to be in photographs. After the photographs are taken, judges should then leave the show, rest their feet (and minds), and reflect on the day.

“Don’t go looking for certain individuals after the show is finished,” Ward says. “As soon as the exhibitors are done approaching you and the photos are taken, then your job is done.”

Geuns advises show judges to avoid “staying too long” after a show. In some foreign countries, the judge is expected to visit with each exhibitor after the show; however, in the United States, it is never appropriate for a judge to return to the barns for social activities where alcoholic beverages are being consumed. A judge should not seek out job evaluations from exhibitors about how he did judging that day and should not start second guessing himself.

“A good judge will be satisfied from within,” says Hawkins. “Don’t expect great accolades for doing a good job. After all, that is your task and that is what is expected. If you do a poor job, you can likely expect mega criticism.”

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