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I grew up judging competitively, placing and winning at major contests like Ohio Beef Expo, Eastern Regionals, High Point judger at WV 4-H and WV FFA state competitions. I went to Louisville in 2009 to judge in the national 4-H competition and placed 4th overall in the Beef Division. I currently run my own cattle operation Diamond Cattle Company located in WV. We have successfully won our state fair prospect show multiple times while also placing calves in homes that have went on to win multiple shows from the county level to the national level. During my years of showing, I was able to win multiple shows along with multiple showmanship titles at every level. Now, I travel across the country fitting for others and offering my services to my customers to make sure their purchase has its highest chance to succeed. I know what it takes to take an average calf, feed it, work with it, and turn it into a champion. I feel that I can be an asset to places looking for a judge due to the fact I know not only what I am looking for, but the industry is looking for as well. I will gladly do showmanship as well and I emphasize that each kid leaving the ring has learned something they didn’t know before entering the ring. The junior showman will keep this wonderful industry going, and I would like to be put in a situation where I can encourage this. I am willing to travel anywhere in the country at a highly reasonable rate.


I graduated West Virginia University with a Double Major in Animal and Nutritional Science along with AgBusiness and Rural Development. I am currently working on my Masters and soon to be doctorate in Animal Science at WVU

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