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7641 N 1000 East
Sheridan, Indiana 46069


My name is Darren Clouse, I live in Indiana and judge lamb shows all across the country.

I have judged for 18 years.

Judged in Utah,Oregon,Ill.,Ohio,Michigan,Tenn, and Virginia.

And in Indiana, where I have judged 30 different county fairs.

I believe in 4-H and the youth, I put large emphasis on Showmanship and treating kids right.

Raised sheep for 30 years, Hampshire,Suffolk,Dorset and Cross breeds. Noteable:, I have had class winners at NAILE, TEXAS Fairs and made sale at Houston in early nineties, and several winners in various states. .

4-H leader for 4 years, Council member for 5 years Purdue Extension Board member for 4 years. Farm Bureau Board member 6 years

Co-Founder of lamb camp for Indiana youth.


Vincennces university Ag Econ and sales degree. 1991

Purdue Short courses in Animal Science 1989

Judged Livestock for 6 years on Clinton Central FFA livestock team, Won the State Horse judging contest and placed 2nd as a team at National Quarter horse congress. Ag advisor was one of top coaches in the country and also judged throughout the US. I served as President of our FFA chapter.

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