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Hello, I have been the Ag Educator and FFA Advisor for Carroll and Kuemper High Schools in Carroll, IA for 4 years. Prior to that I hauled succesful livestock judging teams at Casper College and Ft. Hays State University. I have had the opportunity to judge in over 30 states at every level including the Jr. Market Goats at the North American in Louisville and KY State Fair, Market Lambs at the Cow Palace, IN State Fair, State Fair of TX,SD State Fair and NE State fair. Plus cattle (Jr Salers Show) at Denver's National Western and the NE Cattlemen's Classic. I have also been able to judge several county fairs and jackpots across the country.
My wife Micky is the director of the IA Sheep Industry Association and togethor we operate Burch Livestock which consists of 200 head of ewes for show sheep production and a handful of cows.
For more information on me go to www.stockshowconfidential.com/watch/ and watch episode 102, "Sheep and Corndogs".


I obtained my Bachelors and Masters from Iowa State. I was a member of Iowa State's 2001 Reserve National Champion Livestock Judging Team.

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