Terry L. Dumas

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Dr. Terry L. Dumas is a Professor and a State 4-H Livestock Specialist (Beef, Sheep and Goats) at the Department of Animal Sciences, (LSU Ag Center) at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He has worked for the LSU Ag Center, Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service for the past 33 years having served as a 4-H Agent, County Agent, Animal Science Specialist and Division Leader for the Animal Science Division. He currently serves as the State 4-H Livestock Specialist for Beef, Sheep and Goats. Dumas has judged at every major show held in the United States including the National Western Livestock Show, American Royal Livestock Show, AKSAR-BEN Livestock Show, Houston Livestock Show, and the majority of the state fairs held in this country.

He is married to Jo Ann Havens Dumas and their combined family includes six children and six grandchildren. It is a pleasure to have Terry Dumas evaluate lambs at the Fall Classic.


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