Kirk Stierwalt

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Leedey, Oklahoma


Kirk Stierwalt lives in Leedey, Oklahoma with his wife, Julie, and children, Ky and Kyra. Kirk and his family own and operate Stierwalt Show Cattle, which for years has consistently sold champion show cattle all over Oklahoma and the United States. Kirk also runs Stierwalt Show Cattle Clinics. These clinics have been very successful in helping people of all ages acquire the skills needed to put the "competitive edge" on their side. Along with these needed skills, Kirk's clinics provide a wealth of knowledge including many things that have taken years of "being in the business" to learn. Participants have gone on from these sessions and received immediate and rewarding results on local and national levels. His children have been tremendously successful in the cattle show ring. In 2006, Ky exhibited the Grand Champion Steer at the American Royal in Kansas City. Kirk has judged numerous cattle shows and showmanship contests throughout the United States and we are honored to have him judge at the Fall Classic.


Judging Experience

2014 National Western Jr. Market Beef Showmanship
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