Tim Fitzgerald

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West Grove, Pennsylvania


Tim was raised in western Nebraska and graduated from Oklahoma State with an Animal Science degree.

Tim is the General Manager at Cherry Knoll Farm, West Grove, PA raising purebred Angus cattle. He and Margaret Duprey, owner of Cherry Knoll Farm, target their breeding program primarily around today's Angus youth. They have helped junior Angus breeders achieve big dreams. Their philisophy is "advancing the potential of great kids. When juniors grow in knowledge, skills, and confidence we win...and so does the industry."

Cherry Knoll Farm has been crowned with three Roll of Victory Show Heifer of the year titles in the last three years.

Tim has judged several National shows in the past few years, including North American, American Royal, and the National Western, as well as many state shows.

Tim and his wife, Andrea, have two boys, Brody and Bryce. the boys will be attending their first Agnus Junior nationals this year in Des Moines.


B.S. - Oklahoma State University

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2014 NWSS Red Angus JBH
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2016 Fort Worth Stock Show - Junior Breeding Heifers

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